Outdoor Branding


Variety of flaged shape, base stand and bag that can best suit your brand and allows it to stand firmly in any type of location/ground surface.


EC Banner

This product is ideal when you think about eco-friendly and easy storage. It made with high quality materials that’s able to stand up shine under the weather no matter is hot sun or rainy day.


Handy Banner

Other than handy inflatable balloon, this product is ideal to give away during event especially during sponsor event in term of sport, triathlon, marathon, kids carnival and other potential outdoor events. It is easy, handy and great way to create branding exposure.


Mobile Banner

Have you ever wonder how to create brand awareness when you have limited space to display bunting and booth? We introduce you Mobile banner. This solution will ease your stress because it is mobile, portable and light weight. Its ideal to use during roadshow whether is in outdoor or shopping mall.


EC A-Board

Instead of traditional A-Board for indoor and outdoor event, we’re proud to introduce you a much convenience way to well decorate your brand in the event venue.
– Weight 5kg
– Convenience, easy to carry and hassle-free
– Suitable for indoor & outdoor function


EC I-Board

EC I-Board is ideal solution when you use it on barricades during the event. It fully maximize your branding to create visible exposure as well as increase brand awareness to public


Standalone Signage

Wanted to provide prominent signage to participant/guest? Worry no more, have a look at our dedicated standalone signage that may be ideal for your event outdoor.


EC L-Frame Signage

Interested but looking for trendy and clean signage stand? Consider to one of our signage – L-Frame Signage, it is easy to move, clean and neat design. Guarantee a good image for your event!


Directional Way Finder

Have you ever plan to place a directional sign to wow your guest/participant from locate location easily? Here is our famous solution – Way finder, allows you to place and indicate direction without confusing!


Giant Flag

No worries about any tent that will block your branding, this product is your ideal solution to create high visibility from far distance, even before they step into event area. Suitable for outdoor event, conferences, sport event or even just a portable marketing tools.
– Structure Pole Size : 5m (H)
– Base size : 2ft x 2ft
– Flag size : 3ft x 7ft



We also provide solution such as barricades to cover up the area for security purposes. Option is to rent or purchase. All in one house!

Safety Cone

Safety Cones are usually place on road to temporarily redirect traffic in a same manner. They are often use to create separation or merge lanes during event.


Truss System with Backdrop + Staging

Truss System with Backdrop + Staging


Backdrop/Photo Wall/Staging

On top of that, we also provide fabulous production for media conference, award ceremony stage, campaign launch and any events you can name off! Quality production with affordable pricing!


EC Info Display Panel


Additional Branding

We also provide printing and installation service for any possible branding opportunity such as marquee tent, canopy, barricades, lamp pole and any place prominent for branding.