EC Pixcom Product


Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkies are not only meant for military and police usage nowadays. A wide variety of businesses can be benefited from using it as they are handy, simple and easy to use, with most models featuring a push-to-talk button that allows the user to send messages, and a speaker to relay messages back to the user.


Long Range Walkie Talkie

Our long range walkie talkie is useful for a big group of communicators while their distances are far from each other. The longest distance the walkie talkie is not limited if the areas are able to receive signal from each walkie talkie. Try to ask us how far can both walkie talkie be seperated, you will be impressed with the answer.


Short Range Walkie Talkie

Our short range walkie talkie is useful for those groups which located within the limited area, about 2-3 kilometer.